Baptism is a great gift! Jesus told us to baptize all people, and the Bible makes it clear that when a person is baptized they have the wonderful assurance of being connected to all of Jesus' love, forgiveness, and hope!

Baptism is for people of all ages and for people at all different points in their faith journey. You don't have to have all your questions answered or your life fully together. As Ananias said to Paul in Acts 22:16, "What are you waiting for? Get up and be baptized and have your sins washed away calling on the name of Jesus!"

A baptism can be done anywhere (at church or not), at any time (during a worship service or not), and in any way (in a pool, with a bowl, etc.). For more information, complete the baptism request form below or e-mail our office. We'll then contact you to confirm the details and set up a time to meet with pastor if desired. (There is NO charge for a baptism, we want everyone to receive this gift from God!)

On this first page, please give us YOUR name and e-mail so we can reach you. Then, on the second page you'll enter the information for your baptism request (which will include some of the same info). The third page is only needed for the baptism of a child. Thank you!


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